On Stage at the Fox

On Stage at the Fox

Ever since arriving in Atlanta, it’s been my dream to get on stage at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Midtown.

Last week I finally got my chance.

Parker, Corinna, Jennifer

Parker, Corinna, Jennifer

Tracye, Jennifer, Parker and I got to hang out with the dancers from the traveling show “Stomp”.

Hanging Out

Hanging Out

And when I say, “hang out”, I mean it literally!

Tracye and I got to strap on harnesses and hang from the wall!

The cast from Stomp couldn’t have been more patient with us, and we did finally get the hang of making “music” with things like brooms, pots and pans.

Already looking forward to next year!

4 Responses to “”

  1. Debbie Remaley Says:

    My husband and I watch Extra every night and other shows on the same channel. I’m sure you at Better Mornings do a great job, but are you ever going to stop showing your commercial with all of you every five seconds? The commercial is getting old already and is very annoying.

    • corinnaallen46 Says:

      Thanks for watching!

      And thanks for taking the time to write.

      Just shot a new promo yesterday — look for it to hit the air sometime next week!

      Best —


  2. corinna ,
    your’re a beautiful woman man you look hot in that dress wow keep looking good!

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