T-shirt dress for Mardi Gras

Corinna with Marylouise Fitzgibbon

Corinna with Marylouise Fitzgibbon

Saturday night I attended a Mardi Gras Ball to benefit the Nsoro Foundation.
Their work provides scholarships for children in foster care.
The dress I chose for the festive occaision is made entirely of recylced t-shirts!
Thanks to my girlfriend — designer Vanessa Vinci!

13 Responses to “T-shirt dress for Mardi Gras”

  1. Simon Dogood Says:

    Elegant, charming and sophisticated all wrapped up in old T-Shirts. I love it !! Nice work Corinna.

  2. Randy Martin Says:

    AllI can say Corinna is WOW. What a beautiful woman. I miss seeing you in the mornings on Better Mornings. One thing I could always count on before to start my day off. Now I get ready and just leave after watching the weather. Miss you. LOL

    • corinnaallen46 Says:

      What a nice way to start me week!

      Thank you for your kind words.

      You’ll be happy to hear that starting this fall I’ll be hosting a new program on CBS Atlanta.

      It’s called Better TV and airs 9-10 am weekdays.

      Set your Tivo now!

  3. Does anybody know where to buy these kind of shirts and dresses online? Would be really helpful, Thanks!

  4. Absolutely stunning photo! A++!

  5. Davis Mac Says:

    …And Corina can only be the one that is still HOT in a TEE SHIRT… Or without! When is our tee shirt date? Ha

  6. Davis Mac Says:

    You’re always HOT..!

    • corinnaallen46 Says:

      LOL! I have to admit that IS one of my favorite dresses…

      Made by my girlfriend, designer Vanessa Vinci.

      Gorgeous, and eco-friendly, that’s a winning combination!

  7. Davis McCollum Says:

    You look HOT in whatever you wear… tee shirt or not…!

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