Salvatore Ferragamo Dinner

Corinna with Salvatore Ferragamo

Corinna with Salvatore Ferragamo

You know that tingly feeling you get when you wear a really beautiful pair of shoes? Now imagine you could get that feeling — in a glass!

The estimable Ferragamo family, long known for their exquisite bags and footwear, has now ventured into the world of wine, thanks to Salvatore Ferragamo the third.

He was in Atlanta recently for an amazing wine dinner at Antica Posta in Buckhead.

The dashing Italian’s English is good, but deliciously accented.

Still, after a few glasses of the rich Il Borro wine, we all understood one another perfectly!

Try it for yourself, or, better yet, visit his Tuscan winery in person!

3 Responses to “Salvatore Ferragamo Dinner”

  1. great photo! Hot dress. Sexy legs!

  2. Simon Dogood Says:

    As a famous Italian chef once said…”That’s a spicey meatball !” Nice work Corinna, elegant as always.

  3. corinna is very beautiful like wine .man I bet she has a tight butt.

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