Miss Sophia on Better Mornings Atlanta

Corinna with Miss Sophia

Corinna with Miss Sophia

I’ve been a huge fan or her “Girltalk” on the Frank and Wanda show for years.

Then last week I finally got to interview Miss Sophia from v103.

She’s a hoot!

We talked about some of the questions I’ve been getting from women for my new “Single In the City” segment.

One of the questions was: “Who should pick up the check, the man or the woman?”.

Miss Sophia answered: “The man should pick up the check — you have to let a man be a man”.

Then we both realized the irony of what she’d just said — so she looked right at the camera and added:

“Or let the man be a woman, what ever the case may be!”.

Look for “her” in the coming weeks on Better Mornings Atlanta.

And feel free to send me your relationship questions.

You may just hear them answered on TV!

One Response to “Miss Sophia on Better Mornings Atlanta”

  1. Sophia?? Give me a break. I can’t understand why BMA has this “person” on in the mornings. This guy is ridiculous, to say the least. And we’re supposed to be entertained? I’d rather spend my time simply looking at Corinna. She’s got the best looking legs of a woman I’ve ever seen!

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