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Kate’s Club Cabaret

Posted in Around Atlanta, Celebrity Snapshots on August 27, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook
Corinna with DeAnna Pappas, Kate Atwood, and Jenn Hobby

Corinna with DeAnna Pappas, Kate Atwood, and Jenn Hobby

Had a wonderful night recently at “Kate’s Club Cabaret”.

The fun actually started earlier in the week when all us girls got to borrow dresses from Tootsie’s in Buckhead.

We had a ball, sipping champagne and swapping outfits.

Corinna at Kate's Club Cabaret

Corinna at Kate's Club Cabaret

The blue dress I have on in the picture was an early front runner, but under the advice of Jenn Hobby, from the Bert Show, I ended up in a champagne colored silk number.

Really enjoyed meeting Deanna Pappas from Get Married and Kate Atwood, founder of Kate’s Club.

After losing her mother at a young age, Kate founded the charity to meet the needs of children who’ve lost loved ones.

A serious subject, but a great group of people who got together to support a great cause.

Model Encounter

Posted in Celebrity Snapshots on August 20, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook
Corinna with model Sean O'Pry

Corinna with model Sean O'Pry

He’s a model alright — but 20 year old Sean O’Pry is such a nice guy, you can almost forget those smoldering eyes. Almost.

The Kennesaw native moved to New York during highschool and quickly took the modeling world by storm.

In fact, Forbes Magazine just named the world’s most successful male model.

But Sean still makes time for home — and baseball.

We caught up with him at the batting cages for some fun — and dish.

Kennesaw Native Sean O'Pry

Kennesaw Native Sean O'Pry

We’ll hear what he’s really thinking during those shoots for Giorgio Armani.

Plus hear the amazing story of how he was discovered — on MySpace.

American Idol in Atlanta

Posted in Around Atlanta, Celebrity Snapshots on August 17, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook
Randy Jackson at the W Atlanta Midtown

Randy Jackson at the W Atlanta Midtown

A viewer snapped these pics of the judges as they arrive at the W Atlanta Midtown Sunday afternoon.

I went down with a camera today — no Simon sightings.

But I did talk with some of the families in town to support the people auditioning.

They came from all over the south!

And with good reason.

It’s been a long road for the folks who made it to the final round of auditions.

If you remember, THOUSANDS turned out at the Georgia Dome for the first round.

Sadly, many of them left in tears.

For these remaining few, the support of friends and family will be crucial.

To see our story,

Grease is the WORD

Posted in Uncategorized on August 13, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook
Taylor Hicks in GREASE --  Photo by Larry Busacca

aylor Hicks in GREASE -- Photo by Larry Busacca

“Wipe off that Angel Face, and go back to high school…”

Those were the immortal words that Frankie Avalon sang more than thirty years ago in the movie, Grease.

Last night the tradition was continued by Taylor Hicks, the silver tongued, (and haired) champ from American Idol’s season five.

It brought the memories flooding back!

The first time I saw the musical Grease just days before starting highschool.

I’d seen the movie, but seeing the characters live and in person left a huge impression on me.

I remember wondering it I’d be cool enough to be a member of the “Pink Ladies” and sang “Teen Angel” for weeks.

As chance would have it, Grease was at the Fox Theater this week, as I prepare to head back to my high reunion.

Love it!

Great show, really got me in the mood for some school spirit.

Grease is the word!

Ambush Make Over!

Posted in Ambush Make Overs on August 10, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook
Corinna with Ambush Make Over winner

Corinna with Ambush Make Over winner

La’Keitha Daniels was shopping with her nieces Friday, when we ambushed her for a make over — Better Mornings Atlanta – style!

New clothes head to tow, plush hair and make up.

See the amazing results —

Jeremey Piven

Posted in Uncategorized on August 4, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook

Corinna with Jeremy Piven

Corinna with Jeremy Piven

Who doesn’t love Jeremy Piven’s slick, fast-talking, Hollywood agent character on Entourage?

He plays more of the same as a super-star car salesman in his new movie “The Goods”.

So it was a totaly surprise to meet him in person, and find the real Jeremy Piven to be a calm, soft spoken man.

Would you belive he does yoga?

That was just one of the many things we talked about when he was in Atlanta last week, promoting his new movie.

Corinna with Jeremy Piven

Relationship Questions

I also asked him some of your relationship questions.

One viewer asked: “What’s up with younger guys dating older women? What are they really after?”.

Jeremy didn’t own up to any personal experience with the practice, but he expressed the opinion that it’s probably because women in their 30s and 40s are more confident than their younger counter parts, so they’re better at communicating what they like.

He says that’s reassuring for a man.

Corinna with Jeremy Piven

How tall is Jeremy Piven?

He also expressed frustration with being being interviewed by tall women in heels — since he’s almost six feet tall himself.

Check out my interview with Jeremy by clicking here: “Jeremy Piven Interview”.

Better yet — see everything that went on behind the scenes of the interview by clicking here: “Jeremy Piven Raw”.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted in Around Atlanta, Celebrity Snapshots on August 3, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook
Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Real Housewives of Atlanta are back for a second season.

I got to attend their kick off party at the W Atlatna Buckhead.

Packed event, but lucky for me a TV camera gets you back into the VIP area.

All the ladies looked beautiful, were all playing nice together, for now.

Not surprising they were on their best behavior — word from the hotel’s promotion company is that the “Wives” paid for the event themselves.

Bravo produces the show, but since it’s such a success, they didn’t see the need to pay for any added promotion.

Whoever picked up the tab, maybe they should have paid for more security.

Mid way through our interview, a fight broke out with someone just off camera.

Kim had to cut and run because she was afraid her daughters might get caught up in the commotion.

She later denied her quick exit had anything to do with the arrival of Ne Ne, her on-stage rival.

And so the drama continues…

PS — I’ll interview Ne Ne next week about her new book. Stay tuned! c