Jeremey Piven

Corinna with Jeremy Piven

Corinna with Jeremy Piven

Who doesn’t love Jeremy Piven’s slick, fast-talking, Hollywood agent character on Entourage?

He plays more of the same as a super-star car salesman in his new movie “The Goods”.

So it was a totaly surprise to meet him in person, and find the real Jeremy Piven to be a calm, soft spoken man.

Would you belive he does yoga?

That was just one of the many things we talked about when he was in Atlanta last week, promoting his new movie.

Corinna with Jeremy Piven

Relationship Questions

I also asked him some of your relationship questions.

One viewer asked: “What’s up with younger guys dating older women? What are they really after?”.

Jeremy didn’t own up to any personal experience with the practice, but he expressed the opinion that it’s probably because women in their 30s and 40s are more confident than their younger counter parts, so they’re better at communicating what they like.

He says that’s reassuring for a man.

Corinna with Jeremy Piven

How tall is Jeremy Piven?

He also expressed frustration with being being interviewed by tall women in heels — since he’s almost six feet tall himself.

Check out my interview with Jeremy by clicking here: “Jeremy Piven Interview”.

Better yet — see everything that went on behind the scenes of the interview by clicking here: “Jeremy Piven Raw”.

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