Real Housewives of Atlanta

Corinna with Ne Ne Leakes

Corinna with Ne Ne Leakes

Long before the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ne Ne Leakes was a single mom, stripping to make a living.


That’s just one of the juicy tidbits she reveals in her new book “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice”.

We talked about her book over pedicures recently at the W Atlanta Midtown’s Bliss Spa.

Wanna see the interview? Click here!

Ne Ne’s candid about the abusive relationship she had with the father of her first child.

Ne Ne leakes family

These days she’s says she’s “not a gold digger” but enjoys being married to a successful real estate developer, and raising her two boys.

3 Responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

  1. As always I luv reading your blog. Very, very good piece on a very complex woman. The Real Housewives are taking a huge beating in the community and in the media. I think NeNe’s book clears here from alot of that rage and venom coming here way.

    Anyway, great piece.

  2. Please check out the blog Yadacity in about an hour.

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