“Come Fly With Me”

"Come Fly With Me" dancers

Ready for a shot of adrenaline better than any caffine? Check out “Come Fly With Me” at the Alliance Theater.

By special arrangement with Frank Sinatra Enterprises and The Sinatra Family, the show features original recorded “masters” of Frank Sinatra’s voice backed by the live on stage big band.

There is no dialog, instead the story is told through dance.

The Alliance website describes it as a:

“Musical that follows four couples falling in and out of love. The show shares the full spectrum of emotion we all know as ‘this thing called love.’ Set in a crowded night-club the dance driven evening is sexy… athletic… passionate… and filled with optimism.”

What it doesn’t say is that one woman STOLE THE SHOW!

Karine Plantadit

Karine Plantadit

From the minute Karine Plantadit set foot on stage, with her glittering togas and fiery red afro, no one in the audience could look at another dancer.

In her opening number, she flirts with her love interest, then plays hard to get in a dance that has her lifted and passed between three other dancers.

Never seen anything like it.

But BY FAR my favorite scene is when she gets into an all out bar brawl with that same love interest in the second act. So much passion and power — but still absolutely graceful and elegant.

Simply stunning.

I surfed around a little bit to find out more about Karine.

Turns out she was in the Billy Joel musical, “Movin’ Out” and the movie “Frida” with Salma Hayek.

No complete bio though.

That tells me that she’s still relatively unknown.

But not for long.

Karine Plantadit is definitely a woman to watch.

You heard it here first.

3 Responses to ““Come Fly With Me””

  1. Hello Corinna,
    I heard this was a great show ! I hope you had a great time.

  2. Karine Plantadit is a phenomenon and a really gracious woman. A former dancer with the Alvin Ailey Company. It always amazes me how much Ailey transformed the entire world. “Come Fly With Me” was/is a revelation!!!

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