Up up and away!

UP 002

Corinna and the balloon house

I have the best job!

Look at the fun package that greeted me yesterday when I got in to work.

The balloon house is part of story line in the Disney/Pixar movie “Up” out on DVD today.

Don’t the balloons match my new yellow sweater nicely? My stylist girlfriend Evonya Easley found it for me.

Can I tell you what a hero having this DVD is going to make me at Thanksgiving?

Not only will I have a cool gift for the kids, but I’ll also be able to tell them about the time I got to actually go up in a floating chair, myself!


Corinna in floating chair

Remeber this live shot, a couple of months back?

I have the best job.

3 Responses to “Up up and away!”

  1. That is too adorable, love it!

  2. Very nice. Can you tell me where I can get the house?

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