Celebrity Dance Challenge — the video!

Corinna on stage at Celebrity Dance Challenge

After months of preparation, the Celebrity Dance Challenge finally took place last night with amazing success.
Sub-titled “Dancing For Self-Esteem” the event benefitted the Eating Disorder Information Network, or EDIN.

My dance partner, Clifton Pierce, and I performed to the song “Freakum Dress” by Beyonce.

These amazing photos are courtesy of my friend, Scott Reeves.

You can also check out video of the performance.

Truly a night I will NEVER forget.

My sincere thanks to EDIN for including me in their good work.

And a huge round of applause to my Glam Squad!

Vanessa Vinci for the dress, Daniel Jones for the hair, Leslie Hines from Authentic Beauty, and Marian Goldberg from David Yurman for the BLING!

8 Responses to “Celebrity Dance Challenge — the video!”

  1. Hi Corinna,

    I think it’s great that you were able to help folks raise money for a great cause by doing more than looking great and talking. Your dance routine was dynamite, well choreographed and executed, and you and your partner were in total synch. You may be in the wrong job … ;^)

    Love, Dad

  2. Kelsey Tucker Says:

    Wow! You looked so great out there! The dress, the smile, the hair, the thighs – BANG! You rocked it sister.

  3. Way to take it to a whole new level, Sis!

    What a powerful philanthropic performance!

    So proud of you! Yippeeee!!!

  4. You look fab but who won? lol

  5. Solomon Thomas Says:

    So, Rihanna’s legs are insured and yours are not ? What gives ? And what does it matter if you can’t sing…..neither can she.

  6. Corinna,
    Amazing work ! You looked so fabulous out there. For those who did not have the pleasure to witness your routine in person the first time, they should make sure they don’t miss the encore ! You are incredible.


  7. All the dancers were AMAZING, and you in particular looked incredible. It was such a fun night for everyone, and of course the after-party at Lupe was a blast too!

    Hope that EDIN was able to truly benefit from everyone’s hard work and I look forward to next year’s event!

  8. God You’re gorgous!

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