Shopping for a Cause!

Bloomingdale's Bear on Corinna's Desk

I love the day before Thanksgiving!

Getting ready today took extra long because I couldn’t help myself from chatting with everyone about their holiday plans. We’re all in such a good mood.

And to top it off, this little guy showed up at my desk! The folks at Bloomingdales are so good. First, they provided the clothes for one of our Ambush Makeovers recently. Then they send me this little surprise!

Do I dare take him on the plane with me today? Jennifer Valdez says traffic at the airport is already backed up. This little guy will get me through with a smile! And he’ll be the perfect little snuggle buddy for a long weekend of family, turkey and thanks.

And with Black Friday looming, why not do some shopping for a good cause?

Bloomingdale's 2009 Holiday Bear for JDRF

Spend $18 on a Bloomingdale’s Bear, and know that $5 of it goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, or JDRF.

And mark December 11th on your calendar now for a special Children’s Tea Party with the Bloomingdales Bear! 3:30 to 4:30 pm at Lenox, featuring gingerbread house decorating and face painting!

And in the mean time — Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all my friends in cyberspace!

Best —


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