W Buckhead celebrates one year in Atlanta

Corinna with Parker Wallace at the W Buckhead Anniversary

It’s been a year since the W Buckhead opened it’s doors so what else is there to do but celebrate with a pool party?

My girlfriend, Parker Wallace and I attended in matching winter white and enjoyed toasty mugs of hot chocolate.

It is February, after all!

Models in the pool at the W Buckhead

But the pool was far from empty — bikini clad models frolicked in what can only swimming pool-sized hot tub, especially heated for the occasion.

W shaped helium balloons

Down stairs valets released special W shaped helium balloons.

General Manager Marylouise Fitzgibbon

Finally General Manager Marylouise Fitzgibbon was there to cut the signature purple W cake.

5 Responses to “W Buckhead celebrates one year in Atlanta”

  1. Dick Boger Says:

    Corinna- You have pull with W. Why do they limit complimentary valet parking to 2 hours when you’re dining in their restaurants? No one I know rushes through dinner in less that 2 hours so you’re always hit with a parking surcharge when you pick-up your car. It’s not only true of Buckhead, but downtown as well. I know they don’t own or control the valet parking company but this seems unreasonable. In the long run, it will hurt their restaurant business, no matter how good the food (which it is!). Dick

    • corinnaallen46 Says:

      I agree with you!!! I know many restaurants contract out their valet services, so are at the mercy of what that company charges, but still…

      • Dick Boger Says:

        Next time you see her, relay this along to Marylouise Fitzgibbon. She may not even be aware.

  2. Randy Muller Says:

    Greetings from Los Angeles. Looks like I missed a wonderful evening. Alas no Better Mornings on TV here….

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Outstanding blog update CA! The W is one hot location!

    The Stylistocrat

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