Who says 80 is old?

Corinna with Astronaut Richard Gordon

Who says 80 is old?

This is a picture of me with 80 year old retired astronaut, Richard Gordon.

Corinna graduating from Space Camp

I met him when I attended Space Camp in Huntsville, last year.

He piloted two space missions for NASA in the 60s, and since then has run companies all over North America.

He shows no signs of slowing down.

I met him when he asked to stand next to me in a group photo, then informed me he was the president of the “ILTW” club.

ILTW you ask?

It stands for “I love tall women”.

The man was 80.

I dug out his photo out today, after hearing that Buzz Aldrin will be competing on “Dancing With The Stars” at the age of 80.

I haven’t met him, but if his buddy Dick is any indication, he should have no trouble keeping up with the likes of stars from “The Bachelor” and “Baywatch’.

Buzz Aldrin

These guys went to the moon on technology generated by a slide rule.

Moon walking on the dance floor now should be child’s play.

I say, go get ’em, Buzz!

Dick and I will be rooting for you.

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