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Grooming the Groom!

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Corinna with fiancee David Cook

As David and I look forward to our wedding on the beach, we can’t help giving a little thought to HOW WE’RE GOING TO LOOK IN A BATHING SUIT!!!

In anticipation, we’ve both stepped up our work outs.

And now, thanks to Bluemed Spa in Midtown, we’re able to take that body prep to the next level.

I’ve been to Blue many times over the years, but as a guy, David’s spa experience never really got past the basic massage.

So when the experts there contacted us about their new “Grooming the Groom” concept, I wasn’t sure he’d go for it.

“Any anxiety I had about the idea was erased as soon as I walked in the door”, says David. “The whole place is so relaxing.”

Bluemed Spa, Midtown, Atlanta

After greeting us with hot herbal tea, the Bridal by Blue team talked with us at length about our individual skin care challenges, then prescribed two, unique treatments.

I don’t plan to wear much make up on the beach, so for me, they suggested a series of IPA laser treatments to even out some of my freckles.

For David, they prescribed a salicylic acid peel, designed to prevent in-grown hairs caused by shaving.

And since we’ll both spend most of the vacation in our bathing suits, they suggested we both enjoy an all-over body scrub followed by therapeutic massage. The treatment doesn’t promise to take off any unwanted pounds, but it will slough off the old dead skin, and make what’s left look it’s best.

The results were immediate.  The body scrub left our skin smooth, and better able to absorb moisturizer — a key as we get a little bit of sun in before hitting the beach!

David’s face is glowing, and I’ve already seen an evening out of my pigment. My technician, Nancy, even zapped a few spots on my hands, so those “holding the bouquet” shots will look like a bride’s hands — not her mother’s!

We’re still working out like crazy, but thanks to the folks at Bluemed, we’ll be able to face our wedding photos with confidence!