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Party to launch my new column!

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Corinna with the March Cover of 944 Magazine

To celebrate the launch of my new column, I got to host 944 Magazine’s party for their March Issue!

Photos by Chieu Lee

What better excuse to kick up our (high) heels?!?

Designer Reco Chappele was kind enough to provide my gorgeous one shoulder flapper dress.

See that cuff on my right writst?

He made that for me — out of a zipper!

Stylist Provi lent her finishing touches.

Halo Lounge in Midtown partnered with Korbel champagne to let the bubbles flow…

And I’ll tell you it was a good thing, as everyone started reading about my love life in the magazine!

My new column is called “Celebrity Edge with Corinna Allen”.

So the focus is on celebs and their relationship issues.

But I also bring in experiences from my own life — yikes!

It can get very — personal.

It’s a new experience for me to share that much with all of you.

So I really appreciate the support — and the bubbles!

You can check out the video in my “Celebrity Edge” segment!

Alvin Ailey Dance Company

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Ready to be inspired?

Check out the dancer with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

Their bodies are off the charts! I got to meet a pair of them this week, and was surprised to see they were wearing track suits. But it makes sense, because what they are, in reality, are finely tuned athletes.

And their dancing is out of this world. They’re in town this weekend at the Fox.

Check out my interview with them — including my own efforts at dance — by clicking here.

The Circus is in town!

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Corinna with a circus elephant

Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus is in town, and I got to go behind the scenes.

Corinna with Todd the Clown

The highlight of the day was getting to be a “clown for a day”. That included full makeup, courtesy of Clown buddy, Todd. Believe it or not, he used a sock full of baby powder to set the grease paint in place.

Then we took the stage, spinning not one…

But two plates on my fingers — to the delight of the children in the audience.

But being a rookie clown isn’t all fun and games… click here to see my adventure, including the gag they pulled on me!

Doggies On The Catwalk!

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Corinna with Osborne

It’s a dog’s life!

Corinna at Doggies on the Catwalk

Friday night I got to strut my stuff at the annual “Doggies On The Catwalk” event, benefitting PALS Atlanta.

Put on my the design students from the UrbanCouture program at Grady Hischool, it featured local celebs, and their dogs, wearing outfits designed by the kids!

All the proceeds go to benefit pets and owners in need, here in the Atlanta area.

Corinna with designer Destini Rhone

My designer was Destini Rhone, who created a stunning full length evening gown for me, and matching vest for my canine escort.

Corinna and Osborne

I don’t have a dog, so my “stunt dog” was Osborne, a 200 pound mastiff.

Take a look at some video from behind the scenes, I think you’ll agree, she did an amazing job!

*And* you can see the entire broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting, Wednesday the 20th at 8pm, and Sunday the 24th at 7 pm.

Thanks to James at Carter Barnes from my awsome “high” hair, and Sarah Hoisington for my beautiful make up.

French American Brasserie

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Dessert at French American Brasserie

Another year older, another year wiser…

This year I celebrated by birthday in style, at the French American Brasserie in downtown Atlanta.

Such decadence!

We started with a champagne toast, before moving onto a spicy red, selected for us by our host, owner Cindy Brown.

From there, I did my best to answer the question: “Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?”

First, I ordered foie gras — not once but twice.


I started with an order as an appetizer, and then opted to have a second helping top my filet.


From there you’d think I know when to say when.

But no.

Cindy strikes again — sending over surf-board sized platter, covered with every dessert you could imagine.

Mais oui!

I focused my attention on the crème brulee, but just in case the tarte and cream puff felt left out, I gave them a little attention, too.

I’d say it’s safe to say I ate enough to feed a small village.

Mmm, come to think of it, that sounds good — maybe somewhere in the South of France?

For the next best thing, check out the French American Brasserie yourself.

You can dress up for their dining room, or wear jeans to belly up to their traditional zinc bar.

Tell them Corinna sent you!

Leonardo Da Vinci at the High Museum

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Sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci

Happy New Year everyone!

I started my year off right with a delicious dose of culture — by visiting the new Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the High Museum.

I took an engineer friend of mine, who was eager to go because he calls Da Vinci one of the first engineers.

The sketch above is just one example of the great man’s work.

Historians tell us that Da Vinci spent hours studying the mechanics of equine legs and joints, and had planned to cast the largest sculpture ever at the time — a 26 foot tall bronze horse.

Unfortunately, it was never realized, but a modern day replica shows how impressive it would have been.

It’s that horse that greets visitors to the exhibit — and where many people ended up standing in line on Saturday.

Lucky for us I’d reserved our tickets ahead of time, so I was able to skip the line and go strait to Will Call.

I highly recommend you do the same!


Skating at the St. Regis

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Corinna Skating at the St. Regis in Buckhead

I don’t know about you all, but I am ready for a break from shopping!

Mall walking is great and all, but if you’re ready for a work out that will really get you in the Christmas Spirit I highly recommend ice skating.

Better Mornings Babes hit the ice

Our annual Better Mornings Christmas outing this year was at the St. Regis in Buckhead, where they’ve set up a skating rink next to the pool!

$30 dollars gets and hour on the ice, complete with rental skates.

And they’ll even bring you hot cocoa at the end!

But the best part for us was the lesson from General Manager Simon Rusconi.

A native of Switzerland, he showed us how to skate with style.

Check out how we did by clicking here!

Scrooge In Rouge

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Ghost of Christmas Past

My sides are still hurting today from laughing so hard at “Scroog In Rouge” last night.

Seen Scrooge before? Not like this you haven’t.

Three actors play the rolls of 17 different characters — quite a feat.

But the best part is they include the audience in all the “back stage” antics it takes to pull it off.

Two more costumes

If runs through December 27th at the 14th Street Playhouse.

Do yourself a favor and go!

Holiday Cheer at the St. Regis Hotel

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Corinna roasting marshmallows at the St. Regis

When was the last time you roasted a marshmallow?

I did last night at the St. Regis in Buckhead.

I am now so in the Christmas spirit!

They just unveiled their new, temporary skating rink.

And to celebrate, they put out a chocolate spread fit for a king.

St. Regis Marshmallow Tree

A full blown marshmallow tree served as decoration next to the out door fire place.

S'Mores at the St. Regis

But the sugar didn’t end there.

They also busted out all the fixin’s for S’mores!

Hot Chocolate, St. Regis style

And for the bar? Sumptious hot chocolate, St. Regis style, along side of every addition you could think of!

I’ll definitely be back for another dose of holiday cheer!

Shopping for a Cause!

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Bloomingdale's Bear on Corinna's Desk

I love the day before Thanksgiving!

Getting ready today took extra long because I couldn’t help myself from chatting with everyone about their holiday plans. We’re all in such a good mood.

And to top it off, this little guy showed up at my desk! The folks at Bloomingdales are so good. First, they provided the clothes for one of our Ambush Makeovers recently. Then they send me this little surprise!

Do I dare take him on the plane with me today? Jennifer Valdez says traffic at the airport is already backed up. This little guy will get me through with a smile! And he’ll be the perfect little snuggle buddy for a long weekend of family, turkey and thanks.

And with Black Friday looming, why not do some shopping for a good cause?

Bloomingdale's 2009 Holiday Bear for JDRF

Spend $18 on a Bloomingdale’s Bear, and know that $5 of it goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, or JDRF.

And mark December 11th on your calendar now for a special Children’s Tea Party with the Bloomingdales Bear! 3:30 to 4:30 pm at Lenox, featuring gingerbread house decorating and face painting!

And in the mean time — Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all my friends in cyberspace!

Best —