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2010 Emmy Awards

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I'd like to thank the Academy...

What a weekend! I am still walking on cloud nine…

Saturday night I picked up an Emmy for National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast Chapter; Outstanding Achievement: On-Camera Talent – Performer/Narrator.

Dessert at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

The night started with dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead — complete with Emmy Award winning desserts!


Corinna with Barry Frankel from Habif, Arogeti & Wynne

I started the show as a presenter, along side of Barry Frankel from Habif, Arogeti & Wynne. They were the accountants that tabulated votes for us, so I joked that he already knew all the results!

Meet my Emmy!

I couldn’t get Barry to tell me if I was one of the winners, so I had to wait along side of everyone else, until finally, my name was called!

Corinna with Antoine Kendrick

After the ceremony, I couldn’t resist a “cheers” with WGCL’s other Emmy winner, Antoine Kendrick. He won for his news promo, “Great Moments in Tough Questions History”.

Corinna with David Cook

The rest of the night was a blur of after parties, with my boy friend, David Cook.

I have some many people to thank!

David, first of all, for flying in especially to be there for my big night.

Evelyn Mims from NATAS, who encouraged me to participate in the process this year.

All of my amazing photographers at WGCL Television, who approach my “Ambush Makeovers” with as much enthusiasm and professionalism as they do any breaking news story.

And of course, my glam squad.

Tonight it was Sara Wolf Mixon from Tootsies who styled my dress.

Marian Goldberg from David Yurman who provided my amazing diamond jewelry.

And Zavia Ross who did my hair and make up.

Help win $2,500 for Bert’s Big Adventure

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Corinna hosting Bert's Big Adventure

This past weekend I had the tremendous honor to help host the “Peace, Love and Pure” fashion show, supporting Bert’s Big Adventure.

Corinna back stage with Bert Weiss and friends

Founded by my friends, Bert and Stacey Weiss, BBA helps children facing chronic illness to get out of the hospital and spend quality time their families.

Corinna backstage at the "Peace, Love and Pure" fashion show

The program is year-round, but culminates in an annual trip to Disney World, allowing the children and their families to experience “Magic Moments,” and create memories that will last a lifetime.

In visiting this blog, you are supporting me. But I would love to have your help in Bert’s Big Adventure.

Corinna and her SRX Test Drive

I am part of a competition sponsored by Classic Cadillac of Atlanta.

By clicking here and voting for my blog, you help my effort to win a $2,500 for Bert’s Big Adventure!

My sincere thanks to the owner of Classic Cadillac, Mike Domenicone, for giving us this opportunity.

And thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to visit my blog and help me to make a difference in the lives of some very special children.

All my best –


Porsche Peachtree Drive

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Corinna with a Porsche and the Governor's Mansion

If you were up early Sunday morning, you may have seen us.

Hundreds of Porsche Roadsters lined up in a caravan down Peachtree Street.

It was stretch for me to be up at 8 am on a Sunday — but for the Governor’s Mansion, I rallied.

After drinking coffee with all the members of the Peachtree Porsche Club, we all got a lecture from the motorcycle officers who’d agreed to be our escorts.

“If you run out of gas,” he told us “don’t try to leave the formation. Chances are you’ll hit one of us”.

With that warning, we headed down the High Museum in Midtown.

It was all to celebrate the opening of a new exhibit called “The Allure of the Automobile”, featuring 18 of the most unusual vehicles in the world.

Highlights include the aluminum body of a “Type 64” Porsche.

The 71-year old design is viewed as the precursor of all Porsches and had to be shipped here specially from The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

So beautiful!

And well worth getting up early for…

“The Allure of the Automobile” will be at the High Museum through June 20th.

You can check out the video in my “Celebrity Edge” segment from last week!

Party to launch my new column!

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Corinna with the March Cover of 944 Magazine

To celebrate the launch of my new column, I got to host 944 Magazine’s party for their March Issue!

Photos by Chieu Lee

What better excuse to kick up our (high) heels?!?

Designer Reco Chappele was kind enough to provide my gorgeous one shoulder flapper dress.

See that cuff on my right writst?

He made that for me — out of a zipper!

Stylist Provi lent her finishing touches.

Halo Lounge in Midtown partnered with Korbel champagne to let the bubbles flow…

And I’ll tell you it was a good thing, as everyone started reading about my love life in the magazine!

My new column is called “Celebrity Edge with Corinna Allen”.

So the focus is on celebs and their relationship issues.

But I also bring in experiences from my own life — yikes!

It can get very — personal.

It’s a new experience for me to share that much with all of you.

So I really appreciate the support — and the bubbles!

You can check out the video in my “Celebrity Edge” segment!

Alvin Ailey Dance Company

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Ready to be inspired?

Check out the dancer with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

Their bodies are off the charts! I got to meet a pair of them this week, and was surprised to see they were wearing track suits. But it makes sense, because what they are, in reality, are finely tuned athletes.

And their dancing is out of this world. They’re in town this weekend at the Fox.

Check out my interview with them — including my own efforts at dance — by clicking here.

The Circus is in town!

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Corinna with a circus elephant

Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus is in town, and I got to go behind the scenes.

Corinna with Todd the Clown

The highlight of the day was getting to be a “clown for a day”. That included full makeup, courtesy of Clown buddy, Todd. Believe it or not, he used a sock full of baby powder to set the grease paint in place.

Then we took the stage, spinning not one…

But two plates on my fingers — to the delight of the children in the audience.

But being a rookie clown isn’t all fun and games… click here to see my adventure, including the gag they pulled on me!

Doggies On The Catwalk!

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Corinna with Osborne

It’s a dog’s life!

Corinna at Doggies on the Catwalk

Friday night I got to strut my stuff at the annual “Doggies On The Catwalk” event, benefitting PALS Atlanta.

Put on my the design students from the UrbanCouture program at Grady Hischool, it featured local celebs, and their dogs, wearing outfits designed by the kids!

All the proceeds go to benefit pets and owners in need, here in the Atlanta area.

Corinna with designer Destini Rhone

My designer was Destini Rhone, who created a stunning full length evening gown for me, and matching vest for my canine escort.

Corinna and Osborne

I don’t have a dog, so my “stunt dog” was Osborne, a 200 pound mastiff.

Take a look at some video from behind the scenes, I think you’ll agree, she did an amazing job!

*And* you can see the entire broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting, Wednesday the 20th at 8pm, and Sunday the 24th at 7 pm.

Thanks to James at Carter Barnes from my awsome “high” hair, and Sarah Hoisington for my beautiful make up.