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Raising a Rock Star

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Experienced parents roll their eyes at my naiveté when I say this, but I am determined to raise a musical child.

I had a girlfriend in college who impressed all of us one night when she started making beautiful music on a piano that, until she arrived, none of us had even noticed in the common area of our dorm. She said yes, of course her parents had made her take lessons, and forced her to practice. But then, when she got to high school, they said, ‘enough, if you don’t want to play, that’s up to you’. From that point on, she couldn’t stop.

The lesson I took away from the experience is that, as a parent, it’s my job to lay the foundation. What my daughter does with it from there is up to her.

So, the last time I filled in on The Morning Blend, I was thrilled to interview singer/song writer Inda Eaton.

“Let’s be honest,” says Eaton. “We all want our kids to be part of the arts, but we don’t want them to starve.”

One might argue that she’s living proof of the challenges of earning a living in music. She and her band are traveling the country in a 31 foot RV.

But on the other hand, you could say she’s living the dream.

Each city on their tour represents the home town of one of her band members, and at every stop they make an effort to experience local culture.

In Wisconsin that meant sampling local cheese, and tail gating at a Packer Game.

She says the experience has brought her band together, but she also hopes they’ve brought something to the communities they’ve visited, showing first hand that a career in the arts is attainable.

And that’s what I want to share with my daughter. What she does with the information is up to her.

The tour is called “Go West” and promotes the album of the same name.

Click here to see our interview with Inda Eaton on The Morning Blend.


September Celebrity Edge

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944 Magazine

Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton

Parents, Pre-Nups, & Panties

If Chelsea Clinton’s wedding cost anywhere near the rumored $5 million, then it’s still a bargain compared to the $10 million her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, will allegedly have to pay if he cheats on her, according to a pre-nuptial agreement leaked to the press earlier this year.
“Chelsea’s … father has always been the person she most admired, and the fact that he cheated on her mom not once, but many times, made her very gun-shy about trusting the guys she dated,” a close family has been quoted.
But in this relationship, Chelsea’s not the only one with Daddy issues.
Marc’s father, Ed Mezvinsky, a former democratic congressman, served five years in federal prison for bilking his associates, friends and family members — some say even his own late mother-in-law — out of millions of dollars.
So perhaps the young couple should consider expanding the definition of “cheating” in their pre-nup: “If either party can be proven to have screwed anyone else, either literally or figuratively…” Or, “due to the sheer amount of information we have on both fathers, the agreement could be more specific, ruling out things like cigars and women named Monica…”
I certainly don’t mean to make light of prenuptial agreements. But, I can think of so many examples where a carefully chosen word or two could have been added to the pre-wedding vows for clarification.
I was talking to a man recently who says that when he helped pack his wife up after their divorce, he found more than a thousand pairs of shoes, most of them un-worn, stacked neatly in her closet. Subsequent review of their shared credit card revealed that he had paid for most of them.
Instead of a credit card with a set limit, maybe his pre-nup should have specified a smaller closet? In an effort to convince you that the girl I’m referring to is not me, (it’s not), I’ll share my most sordid post-relationship revelation.
After dating my ex-boyfriend for just over a year, we broke up for good.
It wasn’t until years later, when his next serious girlfriend moved in, that it was discovered that he kept files on all of his girlfriends – including, get this, a pair of panties belonging to each woman.
I can’t help but wonder which ones he kept of mine. It gives a new credence to your mother’s advice to always wear clean underwear, lest you get hit by a bus and are forced to show your dirty laundry to the world.
Which brings me back Chelsea and her pre-nup. While an ironclad pre-nuptial agreement may protect Chelsea’s financial well being, it can’t do a thing to protect her heart.
Instead, it’ll be those past experiences that she’ll need to draw on to face the inevitable bad that is bound to come with the good.
That’s an example we can all learn from as we all face tough times of our own.
So let’s all raise a glass and toast Chelsea Clinton and her new husband.

March Celebrity Edge: Diana: A Defense of Divorce

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***Editor’s note: some of you have asked for me to post my earlier columns from 944 Magazine. Here you go! Enjoy. c

Divorce was the best thing to ever happen to Princess Diana.It wasn’t until recently, walking through the new Atlanta Civic Center exhibit, Diana: A Celebration, that I realized the truth: It was the divorce, not the marriage, that truly defined who Diana was to become.

As a little girl, I was one of more than a billion people who watched as Lady Diana Spencer walked down the aisle. Seeing her fairy tale wedding, it was easy to accept the Disney-induced delusion of happily ever after. I believed that marrying a prince was the best thing that could ever happen to a girl.

Containing 150 personal items from her life, both before and after the palace, the moving exhibit also includes video clips from the princess’ life, including a standout shot of her crying in a red coat, after kissing Prince Charles goodbye. Years later, she revealed those tears weren’t a result of him leaving, but were because she felt so lonely even when he was home.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll tell you I’ve never been married, so I don’t know what it feels like to be divorced. But, I have endured countless break-ups and one thing I definitely know for sure: Whether you want him back or not, the best thing you can do is pull yourself together and concentrate on being your best self — that person you were when he fell in love with you in the first place.
Remember when Nicole Kidman, in the wake of her divorce from Tom Cruise, remarked to an interviewer that it was nice to wear heels again? It’s a trite example, but I think it represents a larger exploration of her independence, and a revival of parts of her personality that were dormant during her marriage.

I’d assert that what all three women have in common is that they didn’t take separation and divorce lying down. Instead they showed courage, and used it to embrace their unexpected solitude. I once heard divorce compared to a series of sequential car accidents slamming into you over and over again.

In my case, after breaking up with the man I expected to marry, I didn’t tell my mother for a week. I was too embarrassed to say it out loud. I remember feeling like people on the street could somehow see that I’d been demoted, reduced to being just half a couple.
I think we all go through something similar. But then, like Nicole, we pull our high heels out of the closet and start living again. In Diana’s case, she dropped her affiliation with 95 percent of her charities and chose instead to focus on the handful of organizations most meaningful to her.
Much is made in the exhibit — on display through June 13 — of how her fashion sense matured in the wake of severing her obligation to palace protocol. But I find it more remarkable that she raised 7 million dollars for charity by selling a collection of her dresses at a New York auction.

Could she have done these things as a married woman? Of course. But, in defense of Diana’s divorce, it wasn’t until afterward that we finally saw the woman she was truly meant to become. 

Corinna Allen is the entertainment reporter for Better Mornings Atlanta, airing daily from 5 – 7 a.m. on CBS 46.

Party to launch my new column!

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Corinna with the March Cover of 944 Magazine

To celebrate the launch of my new column, I got to host 944 Magazine’s party for their March Issue!

Photos by Chieu Lee

What better excuse to kick up our (high) heels?!?

Designer Reco Chappele was kind enough to provide my gorgeous one shoulder flapper dress.

See that cuff on my right writst?

He made that for me — out of a zipper!

Stylist Provi lent her finishing touches.

Halo Lounge in Midtown partnered with Korbel champagne to let the bubbles flow…

And I’ll tell you it was a good thing, as everyone started reading about my love life in the magazine!

My new column is called “Celebrity Edge with Corinna Allen”.

So the focus is on celebs and their relationship issues.

But I also bring in experiences from my own life — yikes!

It can get very — personal.

It’s a new experience for me to share that much with all of you.

So I really appreciate the support — and the bubbles!

You can check out the video in my “Celebrity Edge” segment!

Who says 80 is old?

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Corinna with Astronaut Richard Gordon

Who says 80 is old?

This is a picture of me with 80 year old retired astronaut, Richard Gordon.

Corinna graduating from Space Camp

I met him when I attended Space Camp in Huntsville, last year.

He piloted two space missions for NASA in the 60s, and since then has run companies all over North America.

He shows no signs of slowing down.

I met him when he asked to stand next to me in a group photo, then informed me he was the president of the “ILTW” club.

ILTW you ask?

It stands for “I love tall women”.

The man was 80.

I dug out his photo out today, after hearing that Buzz Aldrin will be competing on “Dancing With The Stars” at the age of 80.

I haven’t met him, but if his buddy Dick is any indication, he should have no trouble keeping up with the likes of stars from “The Bachelor” and “Baywatch’.

Buzz Aldrin

These guys went to the moon on technology generated by a slide rule.

Moon walking on the dance floor now should be child’s play.

I say, go get ’em, Buzz!

Dick and I will be rooting for you.

If Earl Woods were alive today…

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Tiger Woods with his father, Earl

“If Earl Woods were alive today, Tiger would not be in the situation that he is.”
That’s the analysis of Atlanta sportscaster Gil Tyree, a man who has spent time with both Tiger Woods and his father over the past 20 years.
“Earl could smell a bad seed a mile off and he protected his ‘Tiger-Cub,’” said Tyree.
This contention is supported by Fred Mitchell, the man who co-wrote Earl Woods’ book “Playing Through”.
In an article for the Chicago times, Mitchell recalls the private planes and security guards that Early Woods employed, and the tight control that he held over Tiger’s inner circle of friends.
In a now prophetic statement, Mitchell quotes Earl Woods as saying, “Athletes are celebrities are human beings. They are going to have arguments with their wives or girlfriends. They are going to make mistakes in judgment.”
By “mistakes in judgment” do you suppose that Earl Woods could have foreseen his son having an affair with a Vegas cocktail waitress that would ultimately culminate in bloody confrontation with his wife in their own driveway?
Again, I have to wonder if the real threat that Earl Woods protected his son against was Tiger himself.
I once interviewed a zoo keeper who looked after bull elephants.
He said that all elephants have a temper, but that the older ones learn to keep it in check. So when a village is trampled, it’s generally in an area where poachers have killed the mature males. With no one to run heard on them, the younger, adolescent males go unchecked. Who else but an older, wiser elephant could stop such a Behemoth?
Recent history is full of examples of young men run amok.
Kanye West was still mourning the loss of his mother when he made the decision to interrupt another performer’s acceptance speech at the MTV Music Awards.
Kobe Bryant was notoriously estranged from his parents when he admitted to a sexual encounter with a hotel clerk that he was accused of raping.
And, of course, there’s Michael Jordan.
James Raymond Jordan was still alive when his son was spotted in an Atlantic City casino the night before an NBA playoff game.
But it wasn’t until after his father passed that rumors of Michael Jordan’s infidelity surfaced, and eventually ended his 17 year marriage.

Again, I wonder, is the role of a parent to protect an exceptional children from the outside world?
Or is it to protect the larger-than-life child from himself.
And when that parent passes, who is left to fill those elephant-sized shoes?
Tiger Woods first played golf with Michael Jordan back in 1997, when the then 21 year old golfer had just won his first Masters.
But in 2007, a year after losing his father, Woods was quoted by the Associated Press as calling Jordan, “an older brother”.
“Because we’re such great friends,” said Woods, “I’ve been able to have a person I can talk to on all these subjects because he basically went through it before me. Next to Muhammad Ali, he’s probably the most iconic figure athleticwise that America has ever had.”
“Athleticwise” there’s no question that Jordan is a giant.
But off the court, without the guidance of a father, Michael Jordan has been known to stumble.
And, if the events that led up to the confrontation in his driveway are any example, then it appears that the same thing can now be said about Tiger Woods.

Miss USA 2000

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Corinna with Lynnette Cole and our makeover winner

It’s not often that you meet a former Miss USA! I met Lynnette Cole today during one of our ambush makeovers.

She’s now the international spokes person for Pur Minerals cosmetics, so she did the makeup.

We ambushed a busy mom, so the Pur Minerals line is perfect for her — foundation, concealer, SPF and finishing powder, all in one product! Add to that some of their silky smooth eyeliner, and a dash from their delicious palate of eye shadows, and she’ll be out the door in no time.

Click here to see the full makeover, complete with some of Lynnette’s expert tips.

Click here to see last week’s ambush.

Love my pink jacket? Designed by girlfriend Vanessa Vinci, right here in Atlanta!

Celebrity Dance Challenge — the video!

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Corinna on stage at Celebrity Dance Challenge

After months of preparation, the Celebrity Dance Challenge finally took place last night with amazing success.
Sub-titled “Dancing For Self-Esteem” the event benefitted the Eating Disorder Information Network, or EDIN.

My dance partner, Clifton Pierce, and I performed to the song “Freakum Dress” by Beyonce.

These amazing photos are courtesy of my friend, Scott Reeves.

You can also check out video of the performance.

Truly a night I will NEVER forget.

My sincere thanks to EDIN for including me in their good work.

And a huge round of applause to my Glam Squad!

Vanessa Vinci for the dress, Daniel Jones for the hair, Leslie Hines from Authentic Beauty, and Marian Goldberg from David Yurman for the BLING!

“New Moon” Premiere

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Corinna with Edi Gathegi and Jamie Campbell-Bower

Corinna with Edi Gathegi and Jamie Campell-Bower

I am so excited for tonight’s premiere of “New Moon!”

I’m a huge Twilight Fan — have read all the books — in fact, I finished the first one on a plane, so was able to watch the movie immediately after I put it down!

Tee hee — what can I say? I’m a fan.

A lot of people get put-off by the whole sci-fi vampire aspect of the story.

But I tell people it’s really a love story. That’s what I liked about it.

So I was thrilled to meet two of the stars of the latest installment, “New Moon”.

Edi Gathegi plays “Laurent,” one of the “bad” vampires.

Jamie Campbell-Bower plays “Caius,” also a villain, although he disputes that idea.

You can check out what they had to say on a recent visit to the Nordstrom at Perimeter Mall.

My jacket that day came from my stylist, Evonya Easley.

Dancing With The Stars Atlanta — vote for Corinna

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Corinna dancing with Clifton Pierce

After months of rehearsals we’re now down to the LAST TWO WEEKS before the Celebrity Dance Challenge on November 19th.

I’ll be dancing to a the Beyonce song “Freakum Dress” — yikes!

If you like what you see, I’d love for you to vote for me — it only costs a dollar!

It’s all to support Edin, a charity that helps to combat eating disorders.

And I’d love for you to buy tickets and come out to support me in Midtown, at the 14th Steet Playhouse on the 19th!