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Ladies Who Launch

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corinna laugh

I love Ladies Who Launch!

Corinna and Holly with Tammie Reed
Corinna and Holly

Corinna with Holly Firfer

Ladies Who Launch is my new inspiration!

I attended their annual conference here in Atlanta recently. They invited me to speak about my televsion career along with my girlfriends Tammie Reed and Holly Firfer.
You know what we realized?

No matter what career they choose, women get to a point where they’re ready to put “quality of life” first.

Many of the women I met launched businesses and second careers, while still working for someone else.

And what they all have in common is that they took their careers, lives and futures into their own hands and made it happen!

I love Ladies Who Launch!

And don’t you love my fab green tunic? My stylist girlfriend Evonya Easley found it for me!

“Come Fly With Me”

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"Come Fly With Me" dancers

Ready for a shot of adrenaline better than any caffine? Check out “Come Fly With Me” at the Alliance Theater.

By special arrangement with Frank Sinatra Enterprises and The Sinatra Family, the show features original recorded “masters” of Frank Sinatra’s voice backed by the live on stage big band.

There is no dialog, instead the story is told through dance.

The Alliance website describes it as a:

“Musical that follows four couples falling in and out of love. The show shares the full spectrum of emotion we all know as ‘this thing called love.’ Set in a crowded night-club the dance driven evening is sexy… athletic… passionate… and filled with optimism.”

What it doesn’t say is that one woman STOLE THE SHOW!

Karine Plantadit

Karine Plantadit

From the minute Karine Plantadit set foot on stage, with her glittering togas and fiery red afro, no one in the audience could look at another dancer.

In her opening number, she flirts with her love interest, then plays hard to get in a dance that has her lifted and passed between three other dancers.

Never seen anything like it.

But BY FAR my favorite scene is when she gets into an all out bar brawl with that same love interest in the second act. So much passion and power — but still absolutely graceful and elegant.

Simply stunning.

I surfed around a little bit to find out more about Karine.

Turns out she was in the Billy Joel musical, “Movin’ Out” and the movie “Frida” with Salma Hayek.

No complete bio though.

That tells me that she’s still relatively unknown.

But not for long.

Karine Plantadit is definitely a woman to watch.

You heard it here first.

Jason Wu in Atlanta!

Posted in Around Atlanta, Celebrity Snapshots on September 11, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook
Corinna with Jason Wu

Corinna with Jason Wu

You may not recognize his face — yet — but you’ll definitely recognize Jason Wu’s work.


Michelle Obama has worn his designs on many occasions, including the Inauguration Ball last November.

I caught up with the 26 year old designer recently at Jeffrey Fashion Cares show.

A native of Taiwan, Wu was self conscious about his English.

There was no need — he speaks as beautifully as he designs.

He says he takes inspiration from his travels, sketching color and architectural ideas where ever he goes.

While in Atlanta, he looked forward to enjoying some of our restaurants, including Bacchanalia in West Midtown.

Celebrating its 17th year, Fashion Cares raises money for the prevention of AIDS and Breast Cancer.

For this year’s gala, I wore two dresses.

For the interview with Jason, I wore a knee length ruffled dress in canary yellow.

Corinna at Jeffrey Fashion Cares

Corinna at Jeffrey Fashion Cares

For the gala, I changed into the more formal, full length dress in royal blue.

Both dresses were designed by Vanessa Vinci.

All my jewelry, including the diamond dog tags you see in the picture with Jason, are from David Yurman.

Jerry Springer sings!

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Corinna with Jerry Springer

Corinna with Jerry Springer

For some people, public speaking is more scary than death.

Still, I speak in public every day with out breaking a sweat.

But I’ll tell you what WOULD give me the shakes — singing in front of a group!

And Jerry Springer is no different.

He’s an attorney who’s worked in both politics and live TV.

But when he stopped by the newsroom recently, he told me that his role in the musical “Chicago” is by far his biggest challenge yet.

So how does he stack up?

You can check out his performance this week at the Fox.

Or, better yet, you can get a taste of his musical stylings RIGHT NOW by watching my interview with him here.


Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Corinna with Ne Ne Leakes

Corinna with Ne Ne Leakes

Long before the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ne Ne Leakes was a single mom, stripping to make a living.


That’s just one of the juicy tidbits she reveals in her new book “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice”.

We talked about her book over pedicures recently at the W Atlanta Midtown’s Bliss Spa.

Wanna see the interview? Click here!

Ne Ne’s candid about the abusive relationship she had with the father of her first child.

Ne Ne leakes family

These days she’s says she’s “not a gold digger” but enjoys being married to a successful real estate developer, and raising her two boys.

Kate’s Club Cabaret

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Corinna with DeAnna Pappas, Kate Atwood, and Jenn Hobby

Corinna with DeAnna Pappas, Kate Atwood, and Jenn Hobby

Had a wonderful night recently at “Kate’s Club Cabaret”.

The fun actually started earlier in the week when all us girls got to borrow dresses from Tootsie’s in Buckhead.

We had a ball, sipping champagne and swapping outfits.

Corinna at Kate's Club Cabaret

Corinna at Kate's Club Cabaret

The blue dress I have on in the picture was an early front runner, but under the advice of Jenn Hobby, from the Bert Show, I ended up in a champagne colored silk number.

Really enjoyed meeting Deanna Pappas from Get Married and Kate Atwood, founder of Kate’s Club.

After losing her mother at a young age, Kate founded the charity to meet the needs of children who’ve lost loved ones.

A serious subject, but a great group of people who got together to support a great cause.

Model Encounter

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Corinna with model Sean O'Pry

Corinna with model Sean O'Pry

He’s a model alright — but 20 year old Sean O’Pry is such a nice guy, you can almost forget those smoldering eyes. Almost.

The Kennesaw native moved to New York during highschool and quickly took the modeling world by storm.

In fact, Forbes Magazine just named the world’s most successful male model.

But Sean still makes time for home — and baseball.

We caught up with him at the batting cages for some fun — and dish.

Kennesaw Native Sean O'Pry

Kennesaw Native Sean O'Pry

We’ll hear what he’s really thinking during those shoots for Giorgio Armani.

Plus hear the amazing story of how he was discovered — on MySpace.

American Idol in Atlanta

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Randy Jackson at the W Atlanta Midtown

Randy Jackson at the W Atlanta Midtown

A viewer snapped these pics of the judges as they arrive at the W Atlanta Midtown Sunday afternoon.

I went down with a camera today — no Simon sightings.

But I did talk with some of the families in town to support the people auditioning.

They came from all over the south!

And with good reason.

It’s been a long road for the folks who made it to the final round of auditions.

If you remember, THOUSANDS turned out at the Georgia Dome for the first round.

Sadly, many of them left in tears.

For these remaining few, the support of friends and family will be crucial.

To see our story,

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted in Around Atlanta, Celebrity Snapshots on August 3, 2009 by Corinna Allen Cook
Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Real Housewives of Atlanta are back for a second season.

I got to attend their kick off party at the W Atlatna Buckhead.

Packed event, but lucky for me a TV camera gets you back into the VIP area.

All the ladies looked beautiful, were all playing nice together, for now.

Not surprising they were on their best behavior — word from the hotel’s promotion company is that the “Wives” paid for the event themselves.

Bravo produces the show, but since it’s such a success, they didn’t see the need to pay for any added promotion.

Whoever picked up the tab, maybe they should have paid for more security.

Mid way through our interview, a fight broke out with someone just off camera.

Kim had to cut and run because she was afraid her daughters might get caught up in the commotion.

She later denied her quick exit had anything to do with the arrival of Ne Ne, her on-stage rival.

And so the drama continues…

PS — I’ll interview Ne Ne next week about her new book. Stay tuned! c

Malik Yoba

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Corinna with Malik Yoba

Corinna with Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba stopped by the studio yesterday.

I’d forgotten how tall he is!

Even in my very highest heels, he still towered over me.

He’s in town promoting his new series, “Defying Gravity”. But of course I hit him up for “Single in the City

He’s in a committed relationship, and says a lot of that peace comes from the realization that, as a man, you can’t have everything in one woman.

He says that, in the past, he wanted an ambitious career woman who would also support him and his ambitions.

Isn’t that what we all want in a partner?

But he says he’s come to be more realistic about what’s actually possible.

To help others get to that place, he recommends the book:”The Way of the Superior Man”, by David Deida

Catch Malik’s interview Friday on Better Mornings Atlatna.

Then he’ll be on again, for “Single in the City”, Wednesday, August 19th.

A “relationship” guy, with a red hot career.

This is a man to watch!