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My latest beauty obsession…

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Milk Made Trio

If you share a bathroom with a significant other, then you know, space for our girlie products can be scarce!

So if I say I’ve made room in the shower for something new, you know I must be obsessed.

The latest product to score the coveted tile space is actually a trio that includes a body wash, sugar scrub, and light weight moisturizer.

All made by Cake Beauty, they’re part of the “Milk Made” collection.

Sugar scub, made with real sugar granules!

The heart of the collection is the Smoothing White Sugar Scrub. It’s actually made with real sugar granules! (I know, I tasted it!). A lot of spas offer salt scrubs, but sugar is less harsh, and actually helps hold onto the moisture from the shower.

I’m obsessed right now because with the cold weather setting in, the only part of my body that I can bare is my shoulders. And they are fish-white right now!

But by using a drop or two of the body wash on a sponge, then following with the sugar scrub, I can feel the dull, dead skin sloughing away down the drain. Both products are infused with vitamin-packed milk powder, and nourishing shea and coco butters, so they not only exfoliate, they actually hydrate and nourish, all at once.

Moisturizer in a spray!

The last step is the Hydrating Moisture Milk. Infused with all the same natural goodness, it comes in a pump that you can mist over your entire body. No more straining to reach your back!

What I love about Cake is that their products are not only good for you, they’re also good for the environment. 95% of their products are made with whole, natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. And they’re all 100% paraben free! Plus, all their packaging is reuseable and recyclable.

And all their products smell delicious!!!

The Milk Made collection smells like vanilla cookies with a hint of raspberry… yummy!

I’ll be show casing the entire Cake line on ShopNBC this Friday at 10pm EST, (9 pm CST, 7 pm PST).

DIY French Pedicure!

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Can you believe I did this french manicure myself?

Hey all — I am so proud of myself — I had to share!

For YEARS I have been paying $30+ for my french pedi at the salon.

So the other day I saw a DIY kit at the grocery store, and I figured, what have I got to lose? I am so glad I did!

The kit I bought is the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure kit in “Sheer Romance”. I think I paid $5.50 for it. It comes with the little white sticker strips, but I had better luck doing it free hand.

Product Image Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Hard as Nails French Manicure - Sheer Romance

First, I did two coats of pink color. Then I used the white to draw a “V” on the tip of each toe, then dabbed the middle to create an arch. I let it dry, then filled it in a bit. I finished with the top coat, and was good to go! The first application lasted for weeks! I only redid it because of grow out — the white never chipped!

I get nothing from Sally Hansen — I just wanted to pass this on because it worked so well!


What to do with the extra $30 a month? This little piggy went to market…

Grooming the Groom!

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Corinna with fiancee David Cook

As David and I look forward to our wedding on the beach, we can’t help giving a little thought to HOW WE’RE GOING TO LOOK IN A BATHING SUIT!!!

In anticipation, we’ve both stepped up our work outs.

And now, thanks to Bluemed Spa in Midtown, we’re able to take that body prep to the next level.

I’ve been to Blue many times over the years, but as a guy, David’s spa experience never really got past the basic massage.

So when the experts there contacted us about their new “Grooming the Groom” concept, I wasn’t sure he’d go for it.

“Any anxiety I had about the idea was erased as soon as I walked in the door”, says David. “The whole place is so relaxing.”

Bluemed Spa, Midtown, Atlanta

After greeting us with hot herbal tea, the Bridal by Blue team talked with us at length about our individual skin care challenges, then prescribed two, unique treatments.

I don’t plan to wear much make up on the beach, so for me, they suggested a series of IPA laser treatments to even out some of my freckles.

For David, they prescribed a salicylic acid peel, designed to prevent in-grown hairs caused by shaving.

And since we’ll both spend most of the vacation in our bathing suits, they suggested we both enjoy an all-over body scrub followed by therapeutic massage. The treatment doesn’t promise to take off any unwanted pounds, but it will slough off the old dead skin, and make what’s left look it’s best.

The results were immediate.  The body scrub left our skin smooth, and better able to absorb moisturizer — a key as we get a little bit of sun in before hitting the beach!

David’s face is glowing, and I’ve already seen an evening out of my pigment. My technician, Nancy, even zapped a few spots on my hands, so those “holding the bouquet” shots will look like a bride’s hands — not her mother’s!

We’re still working out like crazy, but thanks to the folks at Bluemed, we’ll be able to face our wedding photos with confidence!

Emmy Award — the video

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Corinna in an Emmy night portrait by Poane

I’ve spent the summer celebrating my Emmy win with many of you.

Thank you for all your kind words of congratulation!

Many of you have asked to see the video that was nominated.

Now, thanks to my brilliant editor, Aaron Childers, I am happy to comply.

The Emmy is from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast Chapter for Outstanding Achievement: On-Camera Talent – Performer/Narrator.

Click here to enjoy.

2010 Emmy Awards

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I'd like to thank the Academy...

What a weekend! I am still walking on cloud nine…

Saturday night I picked up an Emmy for National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast Chapter; Outstanding Achievement: On-Camera Talent – Performer/Narrator.

Dessert at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

The night started with dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead — complete with Emmy Award winning desserts!


Corinna with Barry Frankel from Habif, Arogeti & Wynne

I started the show as a presenter, along side of Barry Frankel from Habif, Arogeti & Wynne. They were the accountants that tabulated votes for us, so I joked that he already knew all the results!

Meet my Emmy!

I couldn’t get Barry to tell me if I was one of the winners, so I had to wait along side of everyone else, until finally, my name was called!

Corinna with Antoine Kendrick

After the ceremony, I couldn’t resist a “cheers” with WGCL’s other Emmy winner, Antoine Kendrick. He won for his news promo, “Great Moments in Tough Questions History”.

Corinna with David Cook

The rest of the night was a blur of after parties, with my boy friend, David Cook.

I have some many people to thank!

David, first of all, for flying in especially to be there for my big night.

Evelyn Mims from NATAS, who encouraged me to participate in the process this year.

All of my amazing photographers at WGCL Television, who approach my “Ambush Makeovers” with as much enthusiasm and professionalism as they do any breaking news story.

And of course, my glam squad.

Tonight it was Sara Wolf Mixon from Tootsies who styled my dress.

Marian Goldberg from David Yurman who provided my amazing diamond jewelry.

And Zavia Ross who did my hair and make up.

Party to launch my new column!

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Corinna with the March Cover of 944 Magazine

To celebrate the launch of my new column, I got to host 944 Magazine’s party for their March Issue!

Photos by Chieu Lee

What better excuse to kick up our (high) heels?!?

Designer Reco Chappele was kind enough to provide my gorgeous one shoulder flapper dress.

See that cuff on my right writst?

He made that for me — out of a zipper!

Stylist Provi lent her finishing touches.

Halo Lounge in Midtown partnered with Korbel champagne to let the bubbles flow…

And I’ll tell you it was a good thing, as everyone started reading about my love life in the magazine!

My new column is called “Celebrity Edge with Corinna Allen”.

So the focus is on celebs and their relationship issues.

But I also bring in experiences from my own life — yikes!

It can get very — personal.

It’s a new experience for me to share that much with all of you.

So I really appreciate the support — and the bubbles!

You can check out the video in my “Celebrity Edge” segment!

Doggies On The Catwalk!

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Corinna with Osborne

It’s a dog’s life!

Corinna at Doggies on the Catwalk

Friday night I got to strut my stuff at the annual “Doggies On The Catwalk” event, benefitting PALS Atlanta.

Put on my the design students from the UrbanCouture program at Grady Hischool, it featured local celebs, and their dogs, wearing outfits designed by the kids!

All the proceeds go to benefit pets and owners in need, here in the Atlanta area.

Corinna with designer Destini Rhone

My designer was Destini Rhone, who created a stunning full length evening gown for me, and matching vest for my canine escort.

Corinna and Osborne

I don’t have a dog, so my “stunt dog” was Osborne, a 200 pound mastiff.

Take a look at some video from behind the scenes, I think you’ll agree, she did an amazing job!

*And* you can see the entire broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting, Wednesday the 20th at 8pm, and Sunday the 24th at 7 pm.

Thanks to James at Carter Barnes from my awsome “high” hair, and Sarah Hoisington for my beautiful make up.

Celebrity Dance Challenge — the video!

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Corinna on stage at Celebrity Dance Challenge

After months of preparation, the Celebrity Dance Challenge finally took place last night with amazing success.
Sub-titled “Dancing For Self-Esteem” the event benefitted the Eating Disorder Information Network, or EDIN.

My dance partner, Clifton Pierce, and I performed to the song “Freakum Dress” by Beyonce.

These amazing photos are courtesy of my friend, Scott Reeves.

You can also check out video of the performance.

Truly a night I will NEVER forget.

My sincere thanks to EDIN for including me in their good work.

And a huge round of applause to my Glam Squad!

Vanessa Vinci for the dress, Daniel Jones for the hair, Leslie Hines from Authentic Beauty, and Marian Goldberg from David Yurman for the BLING!

“New Moon” Premiere

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Corinna with Edi Gathegi and Jamie Campbell-Bower

Corinna with Edi Gathegi and Jamie Campell-Bower

I am so excited for tonight’s premiere of “New Moon!”

I’m a huge Twilight Fan — have read all the books — in fact, I finished the first one on a plane, so was able to watch the movie immediately after I put it down!

Tee hee — what can I say? I’m a fan.

A lot of people get put-off by the whole sci-fi vampire aspect of the story.

But I tell people it’s really a love story. That’s what I liked about it.

So I was thrilled to meet two of the stars of the latest installment, “New Moon”.

Edi Gathegi plays “Laurent,” one of the “bad” vampires.

Jamie Campbell-Bower plays “Caius,” also a villain, although he disputes that idea.

You can check out what they had to say on a recent visit to the Nordstrom at Perimeter Mall.

My jacket that day came from my stylist, Evonya Easley.

Up up and away!

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UP 002

Corinna and the balloon house

I have the best job!

Look at the fun package that greeted me yesterday when I got in to work.

The balloon house is part of story line in the Disney/Pixar movie “Up” out on DVD today.

Don’t the balloons match my new yellow sweater nicely? My stylist girlfriend Evonya Easley found it for me.

Can I tell you what a hero having this DVD is going to make me at Thanksgiving?

Not only will I have a cool gift for the kids, but I’ll also be able to tell them about the time I got to actually go up in a floating chair, myself!


Corinna in floating chair

Remeber this live shot, a couple of months back?

I have the best job.