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Crying is a luxury

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I started crying this weekend while sorting through baby clothes that my daughter has recently outgrown.

She’s just about to turn six months old, so all the sweet little things that I bought before she was born are now too small. So I need to get rid of them to make room for new things. But I loved the old things and chose them before I actually had a baby daughter, and the thought that they are now too small makes me sad. Now I’m crying again just thinking about it.

But before you feel too sorry for me, I’d be remiss if I didn’t put the whole crying jag in context:

My gorgeous, healthy, growing daughter was sitting in my lap. We were in her beautifully decorated bedroom, in our lovely home, with a wonderful supportive husband on his way home.

So I have NOTHING TO CRY ABOUT! I am very lucky and I know that, and I am very grateful.

So why am I crying?

My husband says: focus on moving forward, on all the good things to come.

Yes, I do look forward to her first words, first steps, to dancing with her one day at her wedding…

Oops, there I go again. Blubber blubber blubber. I’m going to have to put a box of Kleenex on my desk!

So clearly I’m planning to cry at my desk again.

That makes me think of an article I read once about grief and the process of grieving. The author had lost her father, and was frustrated that her grief spilled out at inappropriate times. Like while writing a check at the grocery store. Her advice was to “schedule” your time to grieve. Given that your body would grieve, and that it would most likely show that grief, she advised setting aside a quiet time each day to let it out.

My mother agrees. She says: “Go ahead and cry. Holding it in will only give you wrinkles!”

Again, I have no reason to cry. I am so fortunate and blessed. I am not grieving the loss of a loved one. I’m crying over pink ruffly things. But it’s still grief. And lucky me, I am in a position to let it out.

Which brings me to my ultimate conclusion: crying is a luxury. And right now it’s a luxury that I am in a position to enjoy.

How many times in my life did I tell my self to “suck it up”, staying stoic through athletic injuries, career frustrations and emotional heartbreak.

But no more! I am now safe and secure and loved. And so so so lucky. So here I go again, crying like the baby that I am so grateful to finally have.

It’s a luxury that I am finally, at long last, in a position to enjoy. And I’m going to, dammit.

Pass the Kleenex.

Raising a Rock Star

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Experienced parents roll their eyes at my naiveté when I say this, but I am determined to raise a musical child.

I had a girlfriend in college who impressed all of us one night when she started making beautiful music on a piano that, until she arrived, none of us had even noticed in the common area of our dorm. She said yes, of course her parents had made her take lessons, and forced her to practice. But then, when she got to high school, they said, ‘enough, if you don’t want to play, that’s up to you’. From that point on, she couldn’t stop.

The lesson I took away from the experience is that, as a parent, it’s my job to lay the foundation. What my daughter does with it from there is up to her.

So, the last time I filled in on The Morning Blend, I was thrilled to interview singer/song writer Inda Eaton.

“Let’s be honest,” says Eaton. “We all want our kids to be part of the arts, but we don’t want them to starve.”

One might argue that she’s living proof of the challenges of earning a living in music. She and her band are traveling the country in a 31 foot RV.

But on the other hand, you could say she’s living the dream.

Each city on their tour represents the home town of one of her band members, and at every stop they make an effort to experience local culture.

In Wisconsin that meant sampling local cheese, and tail gating at a Packer Game.

She says the experience has brought her band together, but she also hopes they’ve brought something to the communities they’ve visited, showing first hand that a career in the arts is attainable.

And that’s what I want to share with my daughter. What she does with the information is up to her.

The tour is called “Go West” and promotes the album of the same name.

Click here to see our interview with Inda Eaton on The Morning Blend.


Personalized thank you cards, instantly!

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Filling in on The Morning Blend is always a blast!

So the last time I was there, I wanted to send a thank you card to my co-host, Tiffany Ogle.

It was the perfect opportunity to try out Red Stamp, my latest iPhone App.

Red Stamp App

This magical service allows you to create a virtual thank you card, using your own photo, and one of their dozens of templates.

You can then send the “card” as a text or email, or, in my case, as an real honest to goodness post card!

It even syncs with your contacts, so you can send then card right away.

Perfect for a new mom like me who has good intentions, but often lacks on follow through.

I was a little nervous, because I wouldn’t get to see the card before it arrived.

But the results were beautiful, a high quality, glossy card stock that arrived on time and in one piece!

Click here to see the video of me chatting about it with Tiffany.

The whole thing cost just two bucks, and that includes postage!

I will definitely be using it again!

Blond Domination!

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This past week I had the huge pleasure of guest hosting a show called “The Morning Blend”, here in Milwaukee.

I met my co-host, Tiffany Ogle, when we judged the Miss Minnesota Pageant together, back in June.

She suggested that I fill in, and just weeks later, here we are.

As Tiffany says; “blond domination!”.


Guests this week included race car driver Duncan Ende.

He was a good sport when we grilled him about working with actor-turned-driver Patrick Dempsy, aka “Dr. McDreamy” from Grey’s Anatomy.

McDreamy Photo

He says they don’t normally call him “McDreamy” on the race track, that is unless he’s running behind, and “needs some motivation” to speed up…










We also got a crash course in flower arranging from The Milwaukee School of Flower Design.

Owner Michael Gaffney says he gets his inspirations from fashion, art, and “decades of experience”.

ImageApparently some of that inspiration comes from his driveway, because he used the show to launch his new collection of cement containers.

Created by designer Aaron Allen Hoenisch, he says the “masculine”cement blocks “make a nice contrast with the femininity of the flowers”.

They also make for quick arrangements, as we filled one with hydrangea in under 30 seconds.



The best part of the show was when the Hoenisch children, Ethan and Emily joined us on set for a conversation about “Bedtime Math“.

The kids were better at solving the kid friendly story problems than we were!


All in all, a great day.

My next appearance is scheduled for September 13th and 14th.

Looking forward to it!

Maternity Pilates!

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No, that’s not a house! That’s me at eight months pregnant. Can you believe it?

Through out my pregnancy, I’ve focused on doing as much work as possible to prepare my body for a smooth, natural, child birth.

So I was thrilled to find a pilates class, designed just for me, located right on Pewaukee Lake!

Our instructor, Julie Smith, is a certified pre and post-natal pilates specialist.

Here’s how she describes the class:

This specially designed prenatal class is safe
and gentle for the expecting mother. When a woman becomes
pregnant her body begins to produce various hormones respon-
sible for causing her joints to soften. Thus a pregnant woman can
be very prone to injury of the weight-bearing joints of the back,
pelvis and lower extremities. Using special techniques for the
pregnant woman, Pilates will help stabilize areas as well as help
strengthen, tone and maintain flexibility. Pilates will also help you
strengthen and gain control of muscles used in delivery. After
pregnancy, Pilates helps the body quickly get back into shape and
helps re-strengthen the areas affected by pregnancy and delivery.

Come join us Fridays at 9 am!

Movement Center Pewaukee

161 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Pewaukee, WI 53072

Corinna on Better TV

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Corinna with JD Roberto on the set of Better TV

Need a little jump start to your holiday shopping?

Check out my “Holiday Stocking Stuffer” segment tomorrow on Better TV!

Co-host JD Roberto and I run down all of the coolest gifts for kids of all ages, and on any budget.

Thanks to the everyone at Better TV for making me feel so welcome!

Check out the list below to see when Better airs where you live.

A couple where I know friends will be watching:

Atlanta WGCL CBS 12:30pm

Portland KPTV/FOX Meredith  2PM

Medford KMVU/FOX Northwest  10AM

Green Bay WGBA/NBC Journal  6AM


Better TV Local Listings

New York  WNYW/FOX Fox Television   3AM  Saginaw WNEM/CBS Meredith  9AM
Los Angeles   KCAL/IND   CBS   4AM   Toledo WUPW/FOX Lin TV  11AM
Chicago  WPWR/MYTV  Fox Television   7AM

Green Bay WGBA/NBC Journal  6AM
Philadelphia/Allentown WFMZ/Ind Maranatha Brdcasting  11AM   Honolulu  KFVE/MYTV  Raycom Media  9AM
Dallas KTXA/IND CBS  5AM   Des Moines  KCWI/CW Pappas Telecasting  2PM
San Francisco  KTVU/KICU   COX  12PM   Springfield, MO  KRBK/IND  Koplar Communications  9AM
Boston   WZMY/ MYTV  Shooting Star Brdcsting 1PM   Spokane KAYU/FOX Northwest  9AM
Atlanta  WGCL/CBS Meredith  12:30PM 

Phoenix KPHO/CBS Meredith  10AM  Portland, ME WPXT/CW New Age Media  9AM
Seattle KIRO-DT/CBS  Cox 9AM  Columbia, SC   WZRB/CW   Roberts Brdcsting   9AM
Tampa/Sarasota  WWSB/ABC   Southern Brdcssting Corp  10AM  Huntsville  WZDX/FOX Grant Comm.  6AM
Cleveland  WBNX/CW Winston  8AM  Rochester WBGT/MYTV Vision Comm.  10AM
Sacramento  KQCA/MYTV   Hearst Television   1PM   Syracuse   WSYR/ABC   Newport TV   3PM
St. Louis WRBU/MYTV   Roberts Brdcsting 2012 Shreveport  KPXJ/CW  KTBS, Inc.  8AM
Portland KPTV/FOX Meredith  2PM   

Pittsburgh  WPMY/MYTV  Sinclair Brdcsting  1AM  Chattanooga WFLI/CW MSP Media  1PM
Raleigh-Durham  WRAZ/ FOX  Capitol  Brdcasting   6AM Jackson, MS   WRBJ/CW  Roberts Brdcasting  9AM
Baltimore   WBAL-DT/NBC   Hearst Television   3PM  Colorado Springs KKTV/MYTV Gray Television  8AM
Indianapolis WNDY/MYTV Lin TV   2AM   South Bend,IN WHME-TV LeSEA Broadcasting  4PM
San Diego XDTV/CW  Groupo Televisa   11AM  Baton Rouge, LA   WGMB/WBRL  CommCorp of America   10AM
Nashville WSMV/NBC Meredith  1PM  El Paso, TX  KDBC/CBS  TTBG LLC  6AM
Hartford WFSB/CBS  Meredith  3PM  Charleston, SC  WTAT/ WMMP Cunningham Brdcsting   10AM
Kansas City KSMO/MYTV Meredith  8AM  Johnstown-Altoona   WHVL/MYTV  Channel Comm.  9AM
Salt Lake City KJZZ/MYTV Miller Comm. 10AM  Evansville, IN  WAZE/CW  Roberts brdcsting  8AM
Cincinnati  WXIX/FOX   Raycom Media   12PM Reno, NV  KAME/KXRI  Cox Broadcasting  9AM
Columbus WWHO/CW Lin TV  5AM  Tyler, TX   KFXK/KLPN  Warwick Comm.  11AM
Greenville WHNS/FOX Meredith  9AM  Springfield WSHM/CBS Meredith  6AM
San Antonio  KCWX/MYTV  Corridor TV 7AM  Boise   KNIN/KIVI  Journal Brdcsting   8AM
Harrisburg  WLYH/CW  Newport TV  9AM  Macon, GA   WPGA/ABC   Radio Perry Inc.   9AM
Grand Rapids WOTV/ABC Lin TV  12PM Santa Maria   KKFX/FOX  Cowles Publishing Corp.  11AM
Las Vegas KVVU/FOX Meredith  11AM  Lafayette, LA   KLAF/MYTV  CommCorp, of America   10AM
Norfolk WVBT/FOX Lin TV  2AM  Yakima KFFX/KCYU Northwest  9AM
Austin  KBVO/MYTV Lin TV   9AM  Wausau, WI  WSAW-DT/MYTV  Gray Television   9AM
Albuquerque KASA/FOX Lin TV  5AM

Medford KMVU/FOX Northwest  10AM
Greensboro  WXLV/CW  Sinclair Brdcsting  9AM  Panama City, FL  WJHG-DT/ CW  Gray Television  8AM
Buffalo WNLO/CW Lin TV  6AM  Binghamton  WICZ/FOX  Northwest   10AM
New Orleans WWL/WUPL  Belo 6AM  Gainesville, FL   WMYG/ MYTV  New Age Media   6AM
Providence WNAC-DT/FOX Lin TV  12PM Dothan  WTVY/MYTV  Gray Television   9AM
Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton WOLF/FOX New Age Media  8AM  Elmira  WYDC/FOX  Vision Communications   9AM
Albany WXXA/FOX  Newport TV 8AM  Harrisonburg, VA   WHSV-DT/MYTV  Gray Television  9AM
Mobile-Pensacola WFGX/MYTV Sinclair Broadcasting  Fall 2011  Charlottesville  WAHU/FOX  Gray Television   8AM
Dayton WDTN/NBC  Lin TV 9AM Meridian, MS   WTOK-DT /MYTV  Gray Television   9AM
Fort Myers  WFTX/FOX Journal Broadcasting 5AM  Parkersburg  WTAP-DT/FOX  Gray Television  8AM
Roanoke WFXR/FOX Grant Comm. 6AM US Virgin Islands WCVI/CW Virgin Blue, Inc. Fall 2011
*CW100+   70+ Markets  CW Network
2011 Market Clearance List
150+ Markets Sold & Counting… Including 8 of the Top 10

My latest beauty obsession…

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Milk Made Trio

If you share a bathroom with a significant other, then you know, space for our girlie products can be scarce!

So if I say I’ve made room in the shower for something new, you know I must be obsessed.

The latest product to score the coveted tile space is actually a trio that includes a body wash, sugar scrub, and light weight moisturizer.

All made by Cake Beauty, they’re part of the “Milk Made” collection.

Sugar scub, made with real sugar granules!

The heart of the collection is the Smoothing White Sugar Scrub. It’s actually made with real sugar granules! (I know, I tasted it!). A lot of spas offer salt scrubs, but sugar is less harsh, and actually helps hold onto the moisture from the shower.

I’m obsessed right now because with the cold weather setting in, the only part of my body that I can bare is my shoulders. And they are fish-white right now!

But by using a drop or two of the body wash on a sponge, then following with the sugar scrub, I can feel the dull, dead skin sloughing away down the drain. Both products are infused with vitamin-packed milk powder, and nourishing shea and coco butters, so they not only exfoliate, they actually hydrate and nourish, all at once.

Moisturizer in a spray!

The last step is the Hydrating Moisture Milk. Infused with all the same natural goodness, it comes in a pump that you can mist over your entire body. No more straining to reach your back!

What I love about Cake is that their products are not only good for you, they’re also good for the environment. 95% of their products are made with whole, natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. And they’re all 100% paraben free! Plus, all their packaging is reuseable and recyclable.

And all their products smell delicious!!!

The Milk Made collection smells like vanilla cookies with a hint of raspberry… yummy!

I’ll be show casing the entire Cake line on ShopNBC this Friday at 10pm EST, (9 pm CST, 7 pm PST).

GI Jane Halloween Hoorah… the photos!

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Corinna and David in 1940s gear at G.I. Jane Halloween Bash

G.I. Jane’s first annual Halloween Hoorah was a huge success!

Hundreds turned out, in costume, to support deployed single mothers and their families.

My husband David, a recreational pilot, was dashing as a
WWII Pilot, and I was his pin-up girl!

Corinna emcees the costume contest

One of the evening’s highlights was the costume contest that I judged, along with event founders Jula Jane and Keith Coggins.

Bonnie Schneider as a USO Girl

David and his pilot costume was in the top three, along with CNN’s Bonnie Schneider dressed as a USO Girl.

But the hands-down winner of the grand prize was a couple who emulated the Legendary “Kiss” that was captured on film  on “V” Day in Times Square, at the end of WWII.

"The Kiss" Costume Contest Winners

Take a look at the original photo, and you’ll agree, they deserved to win!

The Legendary Kiss in Times Square on "V" Day

All in all a wonderful night.

Already looking forward to next year!

Join me for Operation GI Jane’s Halloween Hoorah!

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Still looking for something to do this Halloween?

Why not join me in supporting Operation GI Jane by attending their Halloween Hoorah, Saturday, October 29th in Buckhead, (Atlanta, GA).

If you’re anything like my husband, dressing up is not your favorite thing to do.

But relax, this one’s easy.

Betty Grable -- The Classic Pin Up Girl

The invitation says “Come as you favorite War-Time Hero, Politician or Pin Up Girl”.

So even the most costume-phobic soul can get away with just wearing a suit.

I, on the other hand, am busily Googling phrases like “polka dots” and “40s style rolled back hair”.

The best part?

You’ll be supporting a great cause.

Deployed Single Mom

I pulled this from their website:

“Operation G.I. Jane is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting deployed, single moms in the U.S. military by providing means of communication, airfare, necessities kits, healing therapy and career transitioning. Additionally, we work diligently to assist in any way we can to ensure the family bond remains strong.

There are single mothers serving all over the world away from their children and families, who need financial, emotional, and critical assistance beyond what is offered through established military programs and charities. Operation G.I. Jane was formed to fill that need, to pick up where the red tape leaves off.”

Click here to buy tickets.

Check back soon to see pictures from the event!

Dancing With The Stars Atlanta — vote for Corinna

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Corinna dancing with Clifton Pierce

After months of rehearsals we’re now down to the LAST TWO WEEKS before the Celebrity Dance Challenge on November 19th.

I’ll be dancing to a the Beyonce song “Freakum Dress” — yikes!

If you like what you see, I’d love for you to vote for me — it only costs a dollar!

It’s all to support Edin, a charity that helps to combat eating disorders.

And I’d love for you to buy tickets and come out to support me in Midtown, at the 14th Steet Playhouse on the 19th!