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GI Jane Halloween Hoorah… the photos!

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Corinna and David in 1940s gear at G.I. Jane Halloween Bash

G.I. Jane’s first annual Halloween Hoorah was a huge success!

Hundreds turned out, in costume, to support deployed single mothers and their families.

My husband David, a recreational pilot, was dashing as a
WWII Pilot, and I was his pin-up girl!

Corinna emcees the costume contest

One of the evening’s highlights was the costume contest that I judged, along with event founders Jula Jane and Keith Coggins.

Bonnie Schneider as a USO Girl

David and his pilot costume was in the top three, along with CNN’s Bonnie Schneider dressed as a USO Girl.

But the hands-down winner of the grand prize was a couple who emulated the Legendary “Kiss” that was captured on film  on “V” Day in Times Square, at the end of WWII.

"The Kiss" Costume Contest Winners

Take a look at the original photo, and you’ll agree, they deserved to win!

The Legendary Kiss in Times Square on "V" Day

All in all a wonderful night.

Already looking forward to next year!

Join me for Operation GI Jane’s Halloween Hoorah!

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Still looking for something to do this Halloween?

Why not join me in supporting Operation GI Jane by attending their Halloween Hoorah, Saturday, October 29th in Buckhead, (Atlanta, GA).

If you’re anything like my husband, dressing up is not your favorite thing to do.

But relax, this one’s easy.

Betty Grable -- The Classic Pin Up Girl

The invitation says “Come as you favorite War-Time Hero, Politician or Pin Up Girl”.

So even the most costume-phobic soul can get away with just wearing a suit.

I, on the other hand, am busily Googling phrases like “polka dots” and “40s style rolled back hair”.

The best part?

You’ll be supporting a great cause.

Deployed Single Mom

I pulled this from their website:

“Operation G.I. Jane is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting deployed, single moms in the U.S. military by providing means of communication, airfare, necessities kits, healing therapy and career transitioning. Additionally, we work diligently to assist in any way we can to ensure the family bond remains strong.

There are single mothers serving all over the world away from their children and families, who need financial, emotional, and critical assistance beyond what is offered through established military programs and charities. Operation G.I. Jane was formed to fill that need, to pick up where the red tape leaves off.”

Click here to buy tickets.

Check back soon to see pictures from the event!

Dancing With The Stars Atlanta — vote for Corinna

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Corinna dancing with Clifton Pierce

After months of rehearsals we’re now down to the LAST TWO WEEKS before the Celebrity Dance Challenge on November 19th.

I’ll be dancing to a the Beyonce song “Freakum Dress” — yikes!

If you like what you see, I’d love for you to vote for me — it only costs a dollar!

It’s all to support Edin, a charity that helps to combat eating disorders.

And I’d love for you to buy tickets and come out to support me in Midtown, at the 14th Steet Playhouse on the 19th!

Dancing with the Stars Atlanta — vote for Corinna!

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Celebrity Dance Challenge Website

Celebrity Dance Challenge Website

Okay, this you have to check out this out! I’ve teamed up with some other well-known Atlantan’s for an event called “The Celebrity Dance Challenge”.

For me, that means wearing high heels and fishnets and shaking my grove thing to Beyoncé’s “Freakum Dress”.

Yikes! And to add even more pressure, we’ve invited the public to keep tabs on us as we practice.

Please come take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes, and come back, to see weekly updates of our progress!

If you like what you see, I’d love to have you vote for me!

Each vote costs a dollar, and all of the proceeds will help combat eating disorders through a program called Edin.

All of our professional dance partners are from Dance 101.

I’m working with Peter Poulus and trust me when I say: he has some tricks up his sleeve for our live performanceI Come see us in person at the 14th Street Playhouse on November 19th!

“Come Fly With Me”

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"Come Fly With Me" dancers

Ready for a shot of adrenaline better than any caffine? Check out “Come Fly With Me” at the Alliance Theater.

By special arrangement with Frank Sinatra Enterprises and The Sinatra Family, the show features original recorded “masters” of Frank Sinatra’s voice backed by the live on stage big band.

There is no dialog, instead the story is told through dance.

The Alliance website describes it as a:

“Musical that follows four couples falling in and out of love. The show shares the full spectrum of emotion we all know as ‘this thing called love.’ Set in a crowded night-club the dance driven evening is sexy… athletic… passionate… and filled with optimism.”

What it doesn’t say is that one woman STOLE THE SHOW!

Karine Plantadit

Karine Plantadit

From the minute Karine Plantadit set foot on stage, with her glittering togas and fiery red afro, no one in the audience could look at another dancer.

In her opening number, she flirts with her love interest, then plays hard to get in a dance that has her lifted and passed between three other dancers.

Never seen anything like it.

But BY FAR my favorite scene is when she gets into an all out bar brawl with that same love interest in the second act. So much passion and power — but still absolutely graceful and elegant.

Simply stunning.

I surfed around a little bit to find out more about Karine.

Turns out she was in the Billy Joel musical, “Movin’ Out” and the movie “Frida” with Salma Hayek.

No complete bio though.

That tells me that she’s still relatively unknown.

But not for long.

Karine Plantadit is definitely a woman to watch.

You heard it here first.