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Leonardo Da Vinci at the High Museum

Posted in Around Atlanta, Where's Corinna? with tags , on January 4, 2010 by Corinna Allen Cook

Sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci

Happy New Year everyone!

I started my year off right with a delicious dose of culture — by visiting the new Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the High Museum.

I took an engineer friend of mine, who was eager to go because he calls Da Vinci one of the first engineers.

The sketch above is just one example of the great man’s work.

Historians tell us that Da Vinci spent hours studying the mechanics of equine legs and joints, and had planned to cast the largest sculpture ever at the time — a 26 foot tall bronze horse.

Unfortunately, it was never realized, but a modern day replica shows how impressive it would have been.

It’s that horse that greets visitors to the exhibit — and where many people ended up standing in line on Saturday.

Lucky for us I’d reserved our tickets ahead of time, so I was able to skip the line and go strait to Will Call.

I highly recommend you do the same!