If Earl Woods were alive today…

Tiger Woods with his father, Earl

“If Earl Woods were alive today, Tiger would not be in the situation that he is.”
That’s the analysis of Atlanta sportscaster Gil Tyree, a man who has spent time with both Tiger Woods and his father over the past 20 years.
“Earl could smell a bad seed a mile off and he protected his ‘Tiger-Cub,’” said Tyree.
This contention is supported by Fred Mitchell, the man who co-wrote Earl Woods’ book “Playing Through”.
In an article for the Chicago times, Mitchell recalls the private planes and security guards that Early Woods employed, and the tight control that he held over Tiger’s inner circle of friends.
In a now prophetic statement, Mitchell quotes Earl Woods as saying, “Athletes are celebrities are human beings. They are going to have arguments with their wives or girlfriends. They are going to make mistakes in judgment.”
By “mistakes in judgment” do you suppose that Earl Woods could have foreseen his son having an affair with a Vegas cocktail waitress that would ultimately culminate in bloody confrontation with his wife in their own driveway?
Again, I have to wonder if the real threat that Earl Woods protected his son against was Tiger himself.
I once interviewed a zoo keeper who looked after bull elephants.
He said that all elephants have a temper, but that the older ones learn to keep it in check. So when a village is trampled, it’s generally in an area where poachers have killed the mature males. With no one to run heard on them, the younger, adolescent males go unchecked. Who else but an older, wiser elephant could stop such a Behemoth?
Recent history is full of examples of young men run amok.
Kanye West was still mourning the loss of his mother when he made the decision to interrupt another performer’s acceptance speech at the MTV Music Awards.
Kobe Bryant was notoriously estranged from his parents when he admitted to a sexual encounter with a hotel clerk that he was accused of raping.
And, of course, there’s Michael Jordan.
James Raymond Jordan was still alive when his son was spotted in an Atlantic City casino the night before an NBA playoff game.
But it wasn’t until after his father passed that rumors of Michael Jordan’s infidelity surfaced, and eventually ended his 17 year marriage.

Again, I wonder, is the role of a parent to protect an exceptional children from the outside world?
Or is it to protect the larger-than-life child from himself.
And when that parent passes, who is left to fill those elephant-sized shoes?
Tiger Woods first played golf with Michael Jordan back in 1997, when the then 21 year old golfer had just won his first Masters.
But in 2007, a year after losing his father, Woods was quoted by the Associated Press as calling Jordan, “an older brother”.
“Because we’re such great friends,” said Woods, “I’ve been able to have a person I can talk to on all these subjects because he basically went through it before me. Next to Muhammad Ali, he’s probably the most iconic figure athleticwise that America has ever had.”
“Athleticwise” there’s no question that Jordan is a giant.
But off the court, without the guidance of a father, Michael Jordan has been known to stumble.
And, if the events that led up to the confrontation in his driveway are any example, then it appears that the same thing can now be said about Tiger Woods.

7 Responses to “If Earl Woods were alive today…”

  1. Great work Corinna !

  2. Regardless of any “Influence” that may have been impressed upon Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan is NOT responsible for this illicit behavior in any way, manner, or form…not when one stands as tall as Mr. Woods has in the Public-eye of “Endorsements” totallying so many millions of dollars, and Personally? I feel ripped-off for having believed this fassad of a Charecter he’s passed-off on Us — and apparently His Wife and Others as well — all this time, and the only way he’ll garner any grace in My eyes would be to “Come-Out” and admit he’s the “Dog” that he truely is.

  3. The Boges Says:

    I understand Earl had the wandering eye as well and that contributed to the end of his marriage. Perhaps the acorn does NOT fall far from the tree. Man! Can Tiger hit a golf ball and ram in crucial putts, though! The PGA is still in shock. Look for more torunaments to fall by the wayside in 2010 & 2011 without “The Draw”.

    • corinnaallen46 Says:

      Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, I agree.

      But you never heard about any of it until Earl passed.

      Sad situation for Tiger’s family, and for the golf community!

  4. There’s “Wandering Eye” and then there’s bein’ a dog! I “Look” (I thought I saw You, Corinna, at the High New Years Day), and I “Flirt” too! (If it was You I’m sure You’ll remember Me doin’ so ; ) But when one is Married it must remain “Catch ‘n Release”, especially when one is blessed with a Wife as fine as Mine is…and “Tiger” WUZ! So He sure had Me fooled, and therein lies My dissappointment…call that petty if you will, but his “Professional Personna” as a Gentleman — vs. the “Dog” he apparetnly is — was why I held him in whatever Awe I FELT he deserved beyond his achievements as any “Golf Pro”! For he APPEARED to have a degree-of-class DESERVING of the “Catch” his Wife represents, and that LIE has now been illuminated! Bearing that in mind, I have more respect for Andrew Dice Clay — for whatever I’ve “Heard” tell of Him — ’cause He’s not pullin’ the wool over anyones eyes…and afterall, “Honesty” is the most critical component of “Integrity”. THAT — unfortunatly WAS — “Tiger Woods” real value as any “Spokes Person” or “Product Rep” IMHO…and therefore what a tragically stupid-loss His “Tyrsts” will be found to represent.

  5. led ekrany…

    […]If Earl Woods were alive today… « Corinna Allen’s Blog[…]…

    • corinnaallen46 Says:

      Led —

      Thanks for visiting! Not sure your entire comment came through.

      Please take a look, I’d love to hear from you!


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